Liz Emelogu

The Aurora Coach

 Liz Emelogu is a Certified International Clarity and Performance Coach who helps busy individuals and entrepreneurs elevate the full potential in their life, careers, and business and take it to the next level through a clear vision casting, mapping, and tracking unique coaching experience.


She also works specifically loves working with women to overcome and transform overwhelm, uncertainty and the fear of not being good enough into deep clarity with confidence, and composure, to become the best versions of themselves, enabling them to live a life of purpose at their highest potential, accelerating impact, influence, and income.


Her approach strongly focuses on creating an environment where her clients gain self-awareness that leads to clarity, the empowerment to find fulfilment in themselves and become their authentic self and manifest brilliance in their dreams, career, or business.


She works with the fundamental principle that :

Everyone has been given with a unique gift....

Everyone has been given great potential....

Everyone can access inner power and greatness within them

Her calling is to help people touch their greatness, so they harness the potential within them to bless the world with their unique gift.

Her philosophy and style is based on her fascination and study of the Aurora, Known to many as the northern lights and this has given Liz the title of “The Aurora Coach.”


The Aurora itself is a Latin word meaning Dawn. In her own pursuit for clarity for herself,  Liz came to a dawn, a new light and which also empowered her to move forward.


Her Coaching career began with a desire to get clarity for herself. She was tired of being busy but not fulfilled, of being “successful” but not happy, surviving but not thriving. 



It was at this time she started to investigate self-development and self-help. On this journey, she has had the opportunity to get clarity, pick herself up and begin on the journey of transformation to live a more purposeful life.


Liz applies this philosophy as she helps individuals to achieve clarity of dreams, vision, purpose, influence, and leadership.


She does this by helping them to banish fears and phobias, improve their thinking and decision-making strategies, supercharge their confidence, build better connections, develop new hi-impact skills and       “awaken to their aurora”.


She now has the honour and privilege to help, support and be a part of other’s journey to get the clarity to become their best versions and would love to be a part of YOUR journey of discovery and transformation.


With over 20years corporate experience in banking, sales and business development across different sectors, Liz is well positioned to help business, startup owners and executives to accelerate success.

Liz is also the founder of Touching Lives Foundation- a non-for-profit organisation that helps widows bridge financial gaps and become economically stable and pay orphans school fees in Nigeria. 

self-awareness 100%