Liz Emelogu


"Before I speak, I have something important to say". -- Groucho Marx


Are you looking for a dynamic speaker that will make your next event a stunning success?

Do you want inspirational and educational training that will leave your attendees raving long after the event? We’ve got you covered.

When you want your event to be a success, you need to be able to rely on your speaker to deliver a message that will inspire, motivate, entertain and create positive change.

When you Invite Liz Emelogu for your event, you don’t just get a bland, auto-reapeat presentation. Every message is customized specifically for your audience in order to achieve your desired outcomes. We get to know your organization, and your attendees, so that the message creates long-lasting results. Only material that is relevant to your audience is considered.

She loves to speak and her straight-from-the-heart delivery, passion and energy, inspires audiences to go beyond their real and perceived limitations… and into step into their  potential. With charisma, warmth and humour, Liz delivers the right message for your unique audience.

Liz has had the privilege to be mentored by the ‘GOAT’ of Public Speaking, the Great Les Brown and is a Certified Les Brown speaker.