Liz Emelogu

― Ella Baker I help high-achieving entrepreneurs overcome overwhelm and become empowered with clarity to achieve their goals and accelerate success.
Give light, and people will find the way.

Clarity leading to Transformation

Clarity leading to Transformation

Mindset building Confidence

Mindset building Confidence

Self-Esteem defining Identity.

Self-Esteem defining Identity.

About Liz

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Liz Emelogu is a Certified International Clarity and Performance Business Coach and Mentor who helps entrepreneurs, business owners and executives  get unstuck, eliminate fatigue, get clarity on goals to create accelerated success and elevate  their work-life balance. 

Her approach strongly focuses on creating an environment where her clients gain self-awareness that leads to clarity, the empowerment to find fulfilment in themselves and become their authentic self and manifest brilliance in their dreams, career, or business.

She also loves to specifically work with individuals to overcome and transform overwhelm, uncertainty and the fear of not being good enough into deep clarity with confidence, and composure, to become the best version of themselves, enabling them to live a life of purpose at their highest potential, accelerating impact, influence, and income.

Liz Emelogu

Let’s Journey together

Are you feeling like you are going round in circles? Always seem to be caught in some kind of transition?

Are you feeling like an imposter and worried that everyone will see through you soon? That you are not who you say you are or not good enough?

Are you feeling like you are always starting and stopping different things, only to start another again?

Are you tired of being busy but not fulfilled, of being “successful” but not happy, surviving but not thriving?

Do your dreams, goals and aspirations seem so big that you are scared to voice it for fear of what people will say?

Do you wake up each morning wanting to make a difference but go to bed each day feeling like you have achieved nothing?

Asking the right questions so that your goals are always aligned to your personal cores for me is key. This skill along with an award winning online coaching tool created by new level results (used to coach the four (4) amazing ladies who travelled cross the Pacific ocean, from California to Australia, completely unsupported)has made my clients transformational experience exciting. This tool give you the ability to map out, interact with and follow more systematically your goals and outcomes, while providing also providing valuable data to measure personal or business transformation and growth and facilitate future decision making.

What Clients are Saying

I really appreciate the session with Liz, feeling grateful Not just also by her professional approach, also by her compassionate approach. Coaching technics are useful and Liz with her accurate questions made you realize that you have the power to solve any issue that in terms of coaching can be solved. Beyond that, you find a warm heart and a strong woman that offer a space of trust to notice what is really at stake and simplify the process. I will recommend working with Liz whoever wants to enjoy clarity, consistent support, and wise integrity.  

Irene C. (Spain)

Liz is a very talented coach in Every way possible, she opened up this safety space and made me feel really comfortable to share my story. Liz was really listening to me and my soul’s desires on deep levels and reminding me of my truth and my souls purpose and abilities! And she summed up everything into few sentences along the way just to make me aware of what I actually had expressed. SHE made me to go deep within myself and connect with my inner truth. And through grounding/breathing and visualization techniques she brought me back to my center to believe in my gifts and my impact in this world. THANK you LIZ for sharing your gifts and for being a part of my journey and Co-Creation.

Shler S, (Sweden)

I had the pleasure of a coaching session with Liz recently and was impressed by how quickly she enabled me to define aspects of a challenge that I hadn’t previously considered. Through her looking for background and understanding, I clarified my own understandings and that lead to developing a plan for a more appropriate outcome. She encouraged me to talk freely and was able to ask searching questions and keep my thoughts on track. I have no hesitation in recommending coaching with Liz Emelogu.

Steve C. (France)

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